How to play on dream server.

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How to play on dream server.

Post by voldermort on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:22 am


Lately I have noticed that many players do not know how to play on the mega split/dream server and I see some mistakes being made.
First, the name mega split is a trap. You should not split until you are maxed with 1 blob. I see people splitting all the time and it is very bad on this server.
I think its even bad for team players to feed,but I have no experience with that myself.
This realy is very important, almost every split before you are maxed is a bad split!
Splitting when you are 40k-ish is usually ok, as you will grow to max very fast, its the splitting when you below 25k that is very bad imo.

Once you are maxed with 1 blob it becomes easier. You now can split but you should only split when you will end up with a new (almost) maxed blob. Caution should be taken to not split into virus.

Once you are 2 maxed blobs the fun begin.
Splitting at this stage is again a no go most of the time but sometimes you can make an epic split with 2 blobs and end up with 2 new maxed blobs and 2 halve max blobs that will quickly grow. This is the best way to proceed but the opportunitys to do so are pretty are when there are more good players on server.
The easiest way to procees with 2 blobs is to run one of your blobs into a virus. This will leave you with 1 maxed blob,1 halve seized blob, 2 quarter seized blobs and a bunch of small blobs that you can use to clear virus.
You should however time your running into virus, it is best done with the blob that is close to the edge, keeping your maxed blob in the center.
You then can grow your split blobs or they will get eaten, but if you do this on the right moment then even in worst case you will end up with 2 maxed blobs again and can go for another attempt.
When 3 blobs again look for a good opportunity to run into a virus, once you have 4-5 maxed blobs the game plays itself and you barely have to do anything anymore.

Another important thing that people make mistake is when they are maxed is that they squeeze smaller blobs into the edge or corner. This is bad I think.
You are killing your own food and gain nothing, wait for them to grow so they will be your food when you split onto a virus.

Most important rule that quiet a few players offending: do not split before you are maxed.
Second rule if want get big,do not squeeze your own food.

There are quiet a few good players on the server and I did learn a few things I didn't find out myself.
One is the force feeding a smaller cell that is hiding behind a virus. For example you have a 50k blob + a 25k blob and a 10k blob is hiding in corner behind a virus.
You force feed him to grow and explode the virus and then you can eat him.
The first time I saw this trick it was being used on myself, I first had no clue what was going on but I quickly found out lol. It was very embarrassing.

Another thing I see people do when they 2 or more maxed blobs is w-ing continuesly. I have still to discover the point behind this but I have seen good players do it so it must have a puspose.
It is true that you don't loose mass yourself when doing this, and the mass you spit out makes your prey bigger, but I still can not see this being realy worth it.
Maybe someone who does this can explain to me why?

Other then that its all the basic things off course,pop every maxed cell you see and try to pop as many people as possible in general.


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Re: How to play on dream server.

Post by 〖ƝƁƘ〗KɪɴɢGɪᴢᴍᴏ on Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:10 pm

Teaming isn't the best thing to do one a dream server because you collide pretty much instantly unless you are big. This is a really handy tutorial I would say and thank you for taking your time to make it since there are some people who might have really needed it!


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