New servers.

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New servers.

Post by voldermort on Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:18 am


I noticed the servers have been revamped a bit and most important is that now there are more servers.
This is pretty awesome off course but could there also be drawbacks to this?
The dream server now is divided into 5 different servers,this does reduce lag a bit (I think) but it also means there are less players on a server.
The server I just joined was the bussiest server on dream and it had 9 players.
This has a few positive effects like reducing lag and giving the players more options to choose a server,the one single dream server was also quiet full at times,maybe to full.
The new server on the other hand might be a bit to empty,with the players divided over 5 servers? Well to soon to judge this probably as I only played one game but it is something to keep in mind maybe. The servers being to empty was one reason for me to not play on the official agario servers anymore, (though lately the situation seems to be improved,it looks like the map got made smaller?)


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