『mᎪᎶᎬ』✣ CLAN is now Recruiting more members!

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『mᎪᎶᎬ』✣ CLAN is now Recruiting more members!

Post by CoacoExtreme on Sat May 28, 2016 3:06 am

Hi guys, My name is 『mᎪᎶᎬ』✣ СѺѦСѺ. I'm the leader of 『mᎪᎶᎬ』✣ CLAN and I'm looking forward to invite some agar.io players!  Very Happy
The only thing you need for communications between clan mates is "Skype". We will do teamspeak sometimes on the weekends.

Our clan was dead for a half month and we are ready to bring the clan back! We currently have 3 members back.
Alliance clan is ZP clan by NFX
We do not expect much from our new clan members.
Requirements to join:
- Must understand how to team
- Splitrun
- Tricksplit
- Level 20+
These are the only things that we want from new members. Don't know how to do Split-Run or Trick-Split even though you are level 20+? That's okay, practice will take place in private servers or party!
Want to join? Here is the format that you use for joining, we will look at your form every night. Format:

In Game Name: Copy and past 『mᎪᎶᎬ』✣ , add your name on the end. You can always customize it!
Age: We just want to know your age. We won't judge you even if you're just 10 years old . Wink
Agar.io level: *Do not lie about it, it won't effect your form even if you're level 10* Just be honest.
Highest score:
Region(s) you play in: For example, North America

Send your application to coacoextreme@gmail com!  Laughing


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