ᑕᗩTᘔ ☣ Clan Recruiting #proClan #discord #twitch

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ᑕᗩTᘔ ☣ Clan Recruiting #proClan #discord #twitch

Post by valky on Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:19 am

Hi, to join you must be good at 'everything'. Must know how to do all the tricksplits and realtime. The level of members in the clan average around 60 - 100. Level does not matter, but skill does. The official clan language is English and we only play in North America and South America. We are co-partnered with the [A.I.] clan, and if we ever lack members for a clan war we go there to fetch members. To get in the clan I need to test you, so stay active on the discord channel listed below and I'll eventually get to test you. If you lag on NA or SA but don't lag on EU or other servers other than SA, NA, I will recommend you to the [A.I.] clan.

Our discord link will be posted when I am allowed to do so by the rules of service in this forum (aprox. 7 days)

For now comment below with the following format.

What do you call yourself?
Are you a legend?
How can I contact you?

Thats it! I will be checking this forum constantly for replys.


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